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I have been teaching Spanish professionally to students at all levels for over 30 years in Cuernavaca and online, using Spanish immersion methods. I have taught at the finest Spanish immersion language schools in the Spanish study center of the world, "The City of Eternal Spring", Cuernava, Mexico. I have also taught private courses in various parts of the United States and Sweden. I have studied, and continue to learn both English and Swedish. In 1997, I returned to the University of Morelos to pursue my Diploma in Spanish Instruction which I completed in the year 2000.

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A native of Oaxaca, Mexico, I currently reside with my wife and daughters in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Besides my passion for teaching Spanish, I also pursue interests in painting, writing, and writing music. I sincerely would like to help you learn Spanish in a serious yet fun learning environment. We will use the immersion methods and you should be aware that the lessons will take place primarily in Spanish. As such, you should be somewhere in the intermediate to advanced range. Let me help you with assessing your current skills for free, then enjoy two lessons for free with me to see if you like it!

Paulino Velasco